Peach Pineapple Mango

Apple meets the tropical taste of peach, pineapple, and mango in this light hard cider. Transport your taste buds with this perfect blend of tart and sweet. Whether you’re hosting brunch or relaxing over a lazy weekend, make it a getaway with this juicy Breeze flavor.

Watermelon Strawberry

Apple meets the mouth-watering taste of watermelon and strawberry in this light hard cider. Ripe for the picking, this flavorful pairing tastes straight off the vine. Beat the red hot sun with this balanced blend of red, juicy fruit blockbusters.

Black Cherry

Apple meets the deep taste of black cherry in this light hard cider. Akin to a freshly-pitted, plump black cherry, the flavor of this apple pairing makes for an unexpected twist on a fan favorite. There’s a reason to fall back in love with black cherry, and it’s this Breeze flavor.

Cucumber Mint

Apple meets the cool taste of cucumber with a zing of mint in this light hard cider. No need for a cocktail shaker. Pack your bags and float off to the islands with this refreshing Breeze flavor.