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To find retailers and establishments near you, please visit our Cider Finder. Make sure to increase the mile range if no results are found. If you plan on traveling far for Ciderboys, please call ahead. This online tool is not perfect – it relies on third-party software that’s synced with most, but not all, of our distribution partners.

If your search comes up empty, please find your nearest wholesaler on our distribution map and contact them directly.

We would love to. But due to current state laws, we cannot sell and ship directly to customers in any state.

For one, the flavor you’re looking for may not be in season. Secondly, not all of our distribution partners stock all of our flavors. There is a lot of competition in the market for craft beverages – we’re a small company and we need your help here. When you visit your best local beer, wine, and spirits stores, please ask the buyers to stock Ciderboys. And if someone already stocks Ciderboys, please ask them to carry more flavors. The more demand the better.

Absolutely. Since Ciderboys only uses 100% apples and other natural fruit flavors, it is naturally gluten free. That’s just one of the many natural health benefits of all our hard ciders.

Ciderboys does not contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners. We use only 100% natural ingredients for every flavor of our award-winning hard ciders. The majority of our ciders are medium-sweet in character by design. We don’t ferment or back sweeten with any sugar including cane or corn syrup. What we do is use only 100% apple juice in fermentation and back sweeten with 100% apple juice and other juices. Win-win for tummies and taste buds.

With our commitment to using only 100% natural ingredients, Ciderboys has some natural quirks. Some natural settling may occur. Our apple-orange cider Grand Mimosa can look pulpy. That’s what happens when orange pulp from fresh squeezed oranges meets our moderate carbonation levels. It’s really magical.

Please check out our handy release calendar.

The following Limited Releases are not in our annual rotation, but they might return some day: Royal Blueberry, Cherry Jubilee, Zen Berry, La Vida Sangria, Lemon Cello, Tiki Colada, Banana Bliss, Manzana, Cranberry Road, Huckleberry Jam, and Tropical Wave.

Ciderboys Breeze is a light hard cider that contains 40% less calories and sugar than traditional hard ciders. Just like all Ciderboys Hard Ciders, Ciderboys Breeze is all natural, gluten free, and made from the fermented juice of apples. We dedicated months to crafting Ciderboys Breeze as the answer for those who crave something a little less sweet without sacrificing full, fun flavor.

Yes, but it depends on your market. Please inquire at your local Ciderboys retailer. If they cannot obtain kegs from their wholesaler, please locate your closest distributor and contact them directly to see if they will supply Ciderboys kegs to your area.

Along with complexity and creativity, we value consistency. For that reason, we do not rely on one type of apple for our hard ciders, but have selected a blend of five northwest apples to match our desired flavor profile. Despite whatever Mother Nature might throw at a particular harvest, we are still able to craft a consistent, modern, new world cider that showcases Her natural wonder. We select our apples exclusively from a single source in Washington state. The special climate and rich soil of the Yakima Valley creates the perfect apple juice for our fruitful pairings. With such a dependable supply and high quality cider apples, we are perfecting recipes, innovating new flavors, and conducting rigorous quality tests to bring consistently great flavors to our happy customers.

Hard ciders are a distinct alcoholic beverage made solely from the fermented juice of apples. This is not a type of beer. This is not hard lemonade, a flavored malt beverage, or a spirit. On a basic level, hard cider is apple juice that goes through the same fermentation process for making wine. Hard cider is an ancient tradition, yet a young market. Hard cider is growing in popularity, and it’s just right for you. Enjoy responsibly. Enjoy naturally!