Blackberry Wild

September - November | 5% ABV

Gluten Free
100% Real Apple Juice
All Natural
Blackberry Wild 6 pack

As tempting as Eve. Ciderboys Blackberry Wild is a delicious blend of crisp apple and juicy blackberries with unimaginable fruit flavors. Take a new wild path. A path filled with sweet ripe blackberries. Take a walk on the wild side.

Ciderboys Blackberry Wild Bottle

sold in 6 pack bottles, 6 pack cans, variety packs, ¼ keg, ½ keg

100% hard apple cider, apple juice concentrate, natural flavors and malic acid to preserve freshness.

Size: 12 FL OZ (355ml) / Amount Per Serving: Calories 204 / Total Fat 0g / Sodium 25mg / Total Carb. 26g / Sugars 19g / Protein 0g / Calcium 26mg / Potassium 539mg