Watermelon Strawberry

Year Round | 4.2% ABV

Less Calories and Sugar
Gluten Free
100% Flavor
Ciderboys Breeze Watermelon Strawberry Can

Apple meets the mouth-watering taste of watermelon and strawberry in this light hard cider. Ripe for the picking, this flavorful pairing tastes straight off the vine. Beat the red hot sun with this balanced blend of red, juicy fruit blockbusters.

Ciderboys Breeze Watermelon Strawberry Can

sold in variety packs

100% hard apple cider, apple juice concentrate, natural flavors and malic acid to preserve freshness.

Size: 12 FL OZ (355ml) / Amount Per Serving: Calories 148 / Total Fat 0g / Sodium 21mg / Total Carb. 16g / Sugars 9g / Protein 0g / Calcium 26mg / Potassium 341mg