Pear Naked

Year Round | 5% ALC/VOL

Gluten Free
100% Real Apple Juice
All Natural
Pear Naked 6 pack

An enticing, sweet, modern hard cider made with 100% pear juice. Ciderboys Pear Naked celebrates fleshy ripe pear in its natural glory - plump, pure, and picked just for you. Perry on!

Pear Naked Bottle

sold in 6 pack bottles, 1/2 keg

pear juice, natural flavors and malic acid to preserve freshness.

Size: 12 FL OZ (355ml) / Amount Per Serving: Calories 244 / Total Fat 0g / Sodium 29mg / Total Carb. 36g / Sugars 30g / Protein 0g / Calcium 29mg / Potassium 552mg