Papaya Paradise

April - June | 5% ABV

Gluten Free
100% Real Apple Juice
All Natural
Papaya Paradise 6 pack

It's time for a vacation in the tropics. The subtle sweetness of papaya blended with juicy red apples and tart mango, dance the merengue in your glass. Tiny umbrella optional. Pack your bags.

sold in 6 pack bottles, ¼ keg, ½ keg

100% hard apple cider, apple juice concentrate, natural flavors and malic acid to preserve freshness.

Size: 12 FL OZ (355ml) / Amount Per Serving: Calories 218 / Total Fat 0g / Sodium 27mg / Total Carb. 30g / Sugars 19g / Protein 0g / Calcium 25mg / Potassium 541mg