Mad Bark

November - February | 5% ABV

Gluten Free
100% Real Apple Juice
All Natural
Mad Bark 6 pack

This is new territory. This is playing loud to 30,000 screaming fans. This is wake up in stereo. Indescribable Mad Bark Hard Apple Cider infused with the seductive bittersweet taste of cinnamon. If you take requests, hand 'em a bottle. Share your discovery. Check their pulse. Rev it up.

Mad Bark Bottle

sold in 6 pack bottles, 6 pack cans, 12 pack cans, variety packs, ¼ keg, ½ keg

100% hard apple cider, apple juice concentrate, natural flavors and malic acid to preserve freshness.

Size: 12 FL OZ (355ml) / Amount Per Serving: Calories 216 / Total Fat 0g / Sodium 32mg / Total Carb. 28g / Sugars 21g / Protein 0g / Calcium 26mg / Potassium 517mg