Jun 09, 2016

STEVENS POINT, Wis.  (May 26, 2016) – Ciderboys’ long list of awards just got longer. Ciderboys Cider Co.’s unique “fruitful pairings,” which blend fresh fruit flavors with the crisp taste of apple cider, received six gold medals and two silver medals in’s most recent hard cider judging, the most of any cider maker.
Ciderboys latest Gold Medalists are:  Peach County (summer seasonal) – The judges’ bottom line:”A very flavorful and pure peach-flavored cider that is sure to please.”  Score: 94
Pineapple Hula (summer seasonal) – The bottom line: “A fun, pineapple flavored cider.”  Score: 90
Strawberry Magic (year-round) – The bottom line: “A vibrantly delicious strawberry-flavored cider with great balance, purity, and depth.”  Score: 94
Cranberry Road (fall seasonal) – The bottom line: “A nice sweet-tart cider with good depth and balance.”
Score: 92
Mad Bark (winter seasonal) – The bottom line: “A tasty, pie-like cider with a nice berry twang.”  Score: 93
Raspberry Smash (spring seasonal) – The bottom line: “A fun, flavorful raspberry cider.”  Score: 91
Ciderboys latest Silver Medalists are:
First Press (year-round) – The judges’ bottom line: “A sweet, very apple-y cider that will be a crowd pleaser.”  Score:  88
Grand Mimosa (winter seasonal) – The bottom line: “A pleasant mimosa-like fruit cider for brunch.”  Score: 86
“Counting these six gold medals and two silver medals, Ciderboys hard ciders have now won 18 gold medals and 7 silver medals since our first four flavors – Strawberry Magic, Mad Bark, Cranberry Road and First Press – were first introduced in the marketplace less than four years ago,” said Julie Birrenkott, Ciderboys Marketing Manager.
“Ciderboys’ total medal count now stands at 31, and it is just as exciting to win a medal now as it was when we won medals for the very first time in 2013,” said Birrenkott. is operated by the Chicago-based Beverage Testing Institute, which uses a proprietary blind tasting methodology based on a 100-point rating scale. Scores of 90 to 95 points are “exceptional” gold medal winners.  Scores of 85 to 89 are “Highly Recommended” silver medal winners.  The BTI’s judges are restaurateurs and beverage retailers, writers and buyers who are trained in the tasting methodology and sample the ciders in a special tasting room designed to minimize external factors.
The BTI also sponsors the World Cider Championships and the World Beer Championships. Peach County, Mad Bark and First Press earned gold medals for “exceptional” taste and quality in the 2015 World Cider Championships.
A subsidiary of the Stevens Point Brewery, the Ciderboys Cider Co. makes carbonated hard ciders with natural fruit and apple juice from fresh Washington State apples. Ciderboys is fermented with a hard-cider yeast imported from France, where hard ciders have quenched thirsts since the Middle Ages. The fermentation process is cool and slow, and takes approximately two weeks per batch. Once fermentation is complete, the cider runs through a filtration process that renders a clear, sparkling liquid. No sugar is added to Ciderboys products, which are naturally gluten free.
The Ciderboys family includes First Press traditional hard cider, available year-round; Strawberry Magic,
a combination of fresh strawberries and cider available year-round; summer seasonals Peach County, a pleasing blend of peaches and apples; Pineapple Hula, which pairs fresh Hawaiian pineapple with cider; Cranberry Road, an inspired pairing of apple cider with cranberries for the fall; winter seasonals Mad Bark, spiced with cinnamon, and Grand Mimosa, made with juicy oranges; and a spring seasonal, Raspberry Smash, a fruitful pairing of crisp apple cider with tart raspberries.
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